Design-build Projects

Design-build is a construction project delivery system where the design and construction phases are combined into one process. This enables the design and build teams to work together, plan and coordinate seamlessly to complete best-value solutions faster and more efficiently. It also reduces the number of individual vendors by combining design and building services under one contract, which streamlines communication between parties, reduces costs, and decreases change orders.

Design-build contracts also allow for a more collaborative environment between the design and construction teams. This can often lead to faster decisions, better problem solving, and fewer difficulties in the approval process due to its ability to be responsive to issues quickly and adequately. Additionally, because it is a single source of responsibility, contractors are held as liable for any problems that may arise throughout the project instead of passing on responsibility between multiple parties. Essentially, design-build makes the construction process simpler and ultimately more cost-effective with decreased stress due to an overall improved organization and planning.

Design-build is a construction arrangement in which one entity works both as the project designer and builder — known as a design-build contractor. This type of contract allows for more control to remain with one party throughout the project: from initial environmental assessments through the completion of design planning and ultimately construction. With this set up, the design-build process streamlines communication between all stakeholders participating in the project.

Design-build construction allows a team of related professionals, such as architects and engineers, to work seamlessly together under one contract. This type of coordination reduces the potential for any gaps in communication and produces a single, unified plan — rather than two separately executed plans. Additionally, this arrangement often results in cost savings since it minimizes the amount of time needed to coordinate efforts across all stakeholders. Design-build also grants project owners more control over the end product (many times before design plans are even drawn up). As with any construction arrangement, understanding all benefits of design-build prior to entering into a contract is essential for success.