Oil and Gas / Chemical Handling

Lexon Projects has specialized in the design and construction of chemical handling facilities. Most of our clients handle, store or process a variety of flammable and combustible liquids, inorganic compounds including acids, bases and oxidizing agents. Storage facilities include tank farms and ABC defined F1 flammable liquid warehouses. Process facilities include blend plants, reaction plants, rail unloading and transloading facilities and truck loading facilities. With most of these facilities of course there is often a lab for QC or analytical work. Most of the oil field specialty chemical facilities in Canada have been designed and built by Lexon Projects.

The following is a list of Chemical Handling projects by Lexon:

  • Baker Petrolite – Calgary Eastfield Blend Plant
  • Baker Petrolite – Leduc Blend Plant
  • Baker Petrolite – Mount Pearl Nfld Blend Plant
  • Baker Petrolite – St. Johns, Nfld Calcium Nitrate Storage Facility
  • Baker Petrolite – Grande Prairie Storage Facility
  • Baker Petrolite – Lloydminster Storage Facility
  • Baker Petrolite – Edson Storage Facility
  • MI Swaco – Nisku Blend Plant
  • Lubrizol – Red Deer Blend Plant
  • Lubrizol – Grande Prairie Storage Facility
  • Brenntag – Edmonton Starfield Transloading Facility
  • Brenntag – Calgary Blend Plant
  • Brenntag – Grande Prairie Storage Facility
  • Brenntag – Ft. St. John BC, Transloading and Storage Facility
  • Quadra Chemicals – Edmonton Methanol Transloading Facility
  • Quadra Chemicals – Grande Prairie Transloading Facility
  • Quadra Chemicals – Edmonton Amine, Glycol and Caustic Transloading Facility
  • Quadra Chemicals – Delta, BC Transloading Facility
  • CCC Chemicals – Tank Farm and Rail Transloading Facility Expansion
  • Caradon Chemicals – Nisku Blend Plant
  • Panther Industries – Ft. Saskatchewan HCL Transloading Facility
  • Hydrotech – Edmonton Plant
  • Purechem –  Grande Prairie Chemical Storage and Rail Loading Facility
  • Gibson Energy – Friction Reduced Storage Tank & Piping

Heavy Industrial

Lexon Projects has specialized in the design and construction of industrial and civil projects including flammable and combustible liquid tank farm and environmental waste containment structures, heavy industrial foundations, storm and fire water ponds and water and sewer projects. Critical to good cost and schedule control on any industrial and civil project is the concerted collaboration of the design, procurement and construction teams. The principals of Lexon serve in all these three (3) aspects of every project and through the training of the firms project professionals, the firm is able to ensure our clients of the most cost beneficial and efficient project solutions. From design to commissioning, Lexon’s staff is taught to scrutinize the project drawings and specifications for unnecessary costs and project resource prodigality.

The following is a list of heavy industrial / civil projects by Lexon:

  • Oilfield Services Facility in Leduc (140,000 sqft shop/31,500 sqft office)
  • Oilfield Services Facility in Fort Nelson (65,000 sqft shop/10,350 office)
  • Pressure Pumping Facility/Warehouse in Lloydminster (28,000 sqft shop/11,100 sqft office)
  • Chemical Blending and Transloading Facility in Calgary (45,000 sqft warehouse & 9,000 sqft office)
  • Oilfield Services Facility in Clairmont (31,500 sqft shop/6,000 sqft office)
  • Oilfield Services Facility in Red Deer (25,000 sqft shop/9,500 sqft office)
  • Pressure Pumping Facility in Clairmont (45,000 sqft shop/21,000 sqft office)
  • Union Administration Building in Edm. (45,000 sqft shop/14,000 sqft office)
  • Artificial Lift Man. Facility in Leduc (49,500 sqft shop/14,200 sqft office)
  • Valve Man. Facility in Edmonton (100,000 sqft shop/12,000 sqft office)
  • Emer. Response Fac. in Fort McMurray (11,000 sqft shop/4,600 sqft office)